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A people to belong to.

We believe that the church is not an event or building to attend but a people to belong to. Belonging at Sojourn Southside primarily takes place through the neighborhood parish. 

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know when you are visiting Sojourn Southside!

Where we gather?

We gather at the Houston Texans YMCA. The address is 5202 Griggs Rd Houston, Tx 77021. 

when we gather?

We gather every Sunday at 10am. We also gather for neighborhood parishes for meal, prayer, and fellowship on Sundays at 12:30pm. 

whose invited?

All are welcomed and invited to gather with us for worship and belonging. We believe the church is a people to belong to not just an event or building to attend. We'd love for you to belong at Southside whether you believe or not you are welcomed. 

What to wear?

We have no dress code at Southside. Most people wear casual clothes or street wear on Sunday and only a small number dress up. 

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